Your ISO9001 Transition Route

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IQ9000 is pleased to announce the launch of its 'Your ISO9001 Transition Route' program for the introduction of the international standard ISO9001:2015.

The International Standard for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 (issued by the International Organization for Standardization - ISO) is to be replaced with ISO 9001:2015 (by year's end).

This means that companies that are currently certified / registered to ISO 9001:2008 will have until the end of 2018 to adopt the ISO9001:2015 version.

This sounds like there is plenty of time but there isn't

Smart companies will start planning now using IQ9000 'Your 9001 Transition Route' YTR program.



Companies that wait will be at a real disadvantage as resources and timelines become stretched as their registration date becomes due prior to the end of 2018 deadline.

Companies will be rushing the important stages of their transition - awareness, training and quality system updates (stressful) and Certification / Registration Bodies will be having difficulty scheduling a company's re-registration audit due to the demand placed on their auditors (frustrating).

YTR is a structured activity that is pain free and cost effective for a company currently registered to ISO9001:2008 to successfully and smoothly transition to the ISO9001:2015 version.

IQ9000 'Your ISO9001Transition Route' YTR will:

No hours of research needed by people who have better things to do.
No hours of meetings on what to do.
No spending on services not needed.
No rush or panic - Your have YTR.

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