Meet Patrick

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Patrick’s passion is to help businesses be the best they can be! Drawing on over 30 years of business quality improvement experience, Patrick enables greatness by:



What Patrick can do for your business? (Frankly a lot!)

Patrick knows business quality improvement in-side-out, and you can trust his dedication to helping your business realize significant cost savings.


Aside from training, consulting, and implementing quality management systems, Patrick is a certified auditor for ISO 9001 and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Operating from a facilitator and compliance perspective ensures that Patrick is mindful of both streamlining and enhancing a businesses’ bottom line, while also being compliant with required standards.

Patrick offers the following industry-leading services:

 Working with Patrick is easy

Patrick has a unique capacity to deliver mission-critical content in a highly personable and creative manner. Quality improvement can indeed be enjoyable! His clients hold him in high esteem, citing Patrick’s integrity, value-of-service, and proven track record as key aspects of his success.  Furthermore, Patrick is deeply committed to his own professional development, seeking out new and interesting methods that enhance outcomes for his clients.