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"Patrick has provided all of our internal auditor training for the past 10 years. Trainees come back with a much better appreciation for the requirements of ISO 9001."

- David Bornn


"I have engaged Patrick on two seperate occasions to assist organizations in developing formal quality systems and in obtaining an ISO Registrations. Patrick exceeded expectations in both situations and contributed significantly towards two successful ISO registrations. I would reccomend Patrick as a quality consultant/expert to any organization."

- David Thompson CA CMC CMA


"Patrick was on of the first ISO 9000 pracitioners to come to Canada from Britain to share the knowledge with his clients, partners and colleagues. Aside from his consulting work, his external auditing skills for business process evaluation deliver a truly independent perspective with acitonable reccomendations. On the consulting side, I have witnessed first hand how Patrick can take a compliance standard and/or quality management program and customize it specifically for the client's requirements to go beyond compliance. This includes driving costs out of the business while delivering a meaningful return on investment."

- Scott Baldwin, Corporate Director (ICD.D), QSM Consulting (business partner)


"Patrick and his colleagues from IQ9000 did a great job providing Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) training and project coaching to our site's 2007 Green Belt Trainees. Patrick's in-depth knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge and communication skills made the training go very smoothly, and the projects successful!"

- Rob Starkell


"Patrick is a capable auditor who is able to certify ISO compliance in process that serve the company, not just ISO."

- Arthur McLeod


"Patrick gave us excellent value for the services provided, both as an external auditor, where he helped us achieve a better Quality Management System through his insights and thoughful method of peresented reports, ecouragements and timely presented non-conformance that resulted in better systems for us, and through his training courses where numerous of us got very good value from the time spent and material recieved from the courses attended."

- Ken Boese


"Patrick helped us out with organizations initial registration to ISO 9001 standard. Since then, we have had numerous audits and are currently registered to the ISO 9001:2008 version of the standard. As required, Patrick also trains our staff for both the Lead and Internal Auditor certifications."

- Daniel Deleurme


"Patrick worked with Bothwell Cheese at time when we sought to attain certification of a Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) standard (SQF 2000) within a relatively accelerated timeframe. His in-depth experience and knowledge of integrating complex standards and customizing them within day to day business operations enabled the successful certification to SQF 2000 within 6 months. With Patrick's assistance, we have enhanced our robust Food Safety and Quality Management System which will continue to contribute to business performance, Food Safety and Quality Improvement."

- Ivan Balenovic


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ISO 9001 : 2008 Internal Auditor Course

"The instructor's interactive hand-on approach builds confidence while ensuring that the lessons are relevant and memorable."

"I came to the course with no knowledge of the ISO standard or certification. I have learnt what ISO is. Can apply what I have learnt to my company and feel comfortable to do internal audits."

"This course helped to 'fill in the blanks' on a lot of items with ISO, I can now see relevance and have a clearer picture."

"I would highly reccomend it to anyone who wants to be an internal auditor."

"The Internal Auditor course takes you through a brief history of ISO 9000 and builds a strong foundtation of knowledge and understanding of quality management systems, their processes, management and auditing process. It was exteremly informative, relevant and helpful."

"I found the course to provide a thorough explanation of the ISO Standard and how Internal Audits address conformance / non-conformance to the standard."

"I have a much stronger understanding of ISO 9001 : 2008 and how an organization should operate in accordance to the standard."


Lean Six Sigma Courses

"It was very good. It will help any business improve it's bottom line cannot improve if you don't measure."

"This is very interesting and helpful training. I learnt a lot of new techniques and approaches that may be implemented right away in our company."

"I actually did enjoy the sessions - all my questions were answered and found the information helpful!"

"The material was presented in a well organized manner. The group involvement gave us in depth knowledge for real-life situations."

"Love the small gorup - better understanding of the principles etc."

"I thought it was all good."

Consulting | Training | Feedback

Project Feedback Results

"We reduced rework from 40 minutes to 8 minutes, an 80% reduction for one of our product lines, which allowed for a 33% increase in productivity"

- Ms. Leah Magel, President, Polycast International Ltd.


"By the removal waste we reduced our equipment cleaning process time by 30% which enabled 808 hours of additional production line availability per year"

- Stephanie Haverstick, VP & Operating Officer, Vita Health Products Inc.


"Lean 'LEANed' our ISO quality management system by 80%, which enabled us to have a 'user friendly' and effective system, maintaining product quality, continuous improvement and ISO 9001:2008 compliance!"

- Mr. Jim Turner, Facility Manager, PPG Phillips Industrial Coatings


"We reduced production order paperwork by 48% which allowed a processing time saving of $43K annually. This streamlining of production documentation increased completion rate to 95%!"

- Ms. Lean Magel, President, Polycast International Ltd.


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